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Industrial heat treatment systems


HardLine is our range of stationary heat treatment systems for surface- and through-hardening. At the heart of each HardLine machine is an EFD Induction Sinac heat generator, the industry's most advanced induction frequency converter. These acclaimed converters help ensure optimum hardening results—day in day out, year after year.


The HardLine family includes vertical, horizontal centerless and customized machines—and serial and/or parallel compensated induction power sources with a wide range of output power and frequencies.









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  HardLine Industrial heat treamtent machines


Hardening with induction heating

The main benefit of induction heating for hardening is that it takes just a few seconds. In a furnace, the same process can take hours or even days. How is that possible?


The answer is that induction is phenomenal at generating heat fast. This, in turn, means you can integrate hardening in the production process. Hardening in a furnace, on the other hand, is more time-consuming (greater heat loss) and requires moving the components either to your own furnace or to that of a sub-contractor.


In-line integration of hardening reduces your lead times considerably. You get full control over quality, delivery times and costs. There's no need to transport kilos of components back and forward, which saves energy and the environment. And last but not least, you cut down the amount of administration to a minimum.


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Induction hardening 









Induction tempering

Tempering with induction heating

Tempering solutions from EFD Induction are present in the automotive and automotive-supply industries. In fact, tempering can be performed on all hardened components—bars, joints, shafts, etc.


Tempering a component only takes around ten seconds, unlike in a furnace where it can take a couple of hours. The reason is that induction generates heat directly in the material— exactly where you need it.


This means tempering can be directly integrated into your production line to improve throughput, increase flexibility and save floor space.


Induction heating for the automotive industry

EFD Induction has for years been a trusted supplier of induction heating solutions to numerous automakers in North America and Europe. We also work with many tier-one suppliers and sub-contractors.  


Induction heating is used within a variety of fields in the automotive industry such as:

  • Induction bonding of body parts and magnets in electric motors
  • Induction brazing of connections for air-conditioning systems, brake linings and fuel tank injection pipes
  • Induction hardening and tempering of engine, suspension and transmission parts
  • Induction preheating of transmission parts, for example shrink fitting of gear wheels
  • Induction postheating of engine parts and brake discs (polymerization)
  • Induction straightening of steel chassis







HardLine is EFD Induction’s family of heat treatment systems for surface- and through-hardening.
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